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måndag 20 september 2010

Aivojen karboksypeptidaasi B , CPB

  • Aivojen karboksypeptidaasi B (CPB) pystyy Abeetan lisäksi pilkkomaan myös haimasaarekkeitten amyliinia.

Expression of Human Brain CPB in Neuroectoderm-Derived Cells

[0102] Immunohistochemical analysis using antibodies against human brain CPB (antibodies against the 14 C-terminal amino acids: anti-C14 module antibody) on tissue sections of pancreas and testis derived from humans and rats showed marked immunostaining in the cytoplasm of Langerhans' islet 0-cells (insulin-producing cells), and in the cytoplasm of testis interstitium Leydig's cells (FIG. 10) for both species.

[0103] These results suggest that human brain CPB has the function of metabolizing amylin, which, similar to insulin, is produced in the β-cells and has β-amyloid-like properties. When the function of amylin is considered in the context of insulin action, human brain CPB may possibly be related to the pathological physiology of a specific type of diabetes.

[0104]Additionally, expression of human brain CPB was confirmed in the cytoplasm of human testis Leydig's cells. Therefore, human brain CPB may possibly be involved in the production, secretion, degradation, and such, of many proteinous hormones produced in these endocrine cells.


[0105]The brain CPB protein of the present invention has the biological activity to cleave brain APP to produce Aβ-containing peptides. In addition, it has the biological activity to degrade Aβ peptide from the C terminus. Therefore, brain CPB protein may be a therapeutic drug that regulates pathological APP metabolisms and production of Aβ-containing peptides, and in addition, is a useful tool for elucidating the molecular mechanism of Aβ peptide production and the onset of diseases relating to Aβ peptide production (for example, Alzheimer's disease). Furthermore, brain CPB expressed in trace amounts in the spinal fluid and even in the peripheral blood is useful as a marker for CNS diseases to test and diagnose abnormalities in APP and Aβ metabolisms. In addition, brain CPB may be used to screen candidate compounds for drugs for diseases that cause Aβ accumulation in the brain. That is, the present invention has provided a novel and effective method for preventing, treating, and testing diseases that cause Aβ accumulation in the brain.

Read more: www.faqs.org/patents/app/20100021951#ixzz105NiBMwp
Tämä asia on patenttihakutasossa: Patent application title: Human Brain Carboxypeptidase B Inventors: Akira Matsumoto Agents: TOWNSEND AND TOWNSEND AND CREW, LLP Assignees: Origin: SAN FRANCISCO, CA US IPC8 Class: AC12Q137FI USPC Class: 435 24 Patent application number: 20100021951

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